PRODUCTS at a glance

Datamine offers a set of innovative solutions answering the needs of modern management for analytical information, process insight and business intelligence. Our products model the complete range of activities from data capture, data integration to data modeling, mining and executive presentation through standardized Business Intelligence platforms or tailor-made Analytical environments.


Customer Feedback Management

Corporate Criterion enables systematic, on-going user experience management and analysis, across a wide range of customer touch points - continuous user experience feeds towards your management dashboards.

The Survey process. Redefined

Design complex, structured questionnaires, define surveys in terms of target group (consumers to be contacted), execution resources, planning and administration. Depending on the configured channels and timing, consumers will be invited to participate as they become eligible according to target group membership, triggers and randomization.

Customer experience measurements through Corporate Criterion become parts of the customer record – within the data warehousing or the Marketing database – ready to be cross-analyzed against any customer dimension and attribute.


Competition Analysis, for Retailers

CAS/R enables marketing users to browser and analyze competition in terms of pricing on specific products. Beyond competition insight, CAS/R offers powerful tools for actionable decisions on your pricing policies, loyalty programs, personalized offers and more.

Intelligent Online marketing

CAS/R can be defined as an analytics framework for modern online retailers offering a wide range of marketing applications including product management, market analysis, Business Intelligence and predictive modeling. It is based on a powerful pricing database against your product catalogue and the ‘market’.

CAS/R includes several additional components enabling real-time, activity-based proposal generation for existing customers, dynamic product pricing schemes, personalized discount models, interactive market analysis and the intelligent alerting suite.


Competition Analysis, for Telcos

Datamine’s Competition Analysis System is a sophisticated, highly engineered data processing and visualization platform providing telcos with outstanding analytical capabilities.

Tariff Optimization, Market Insight

CAS encapsulates the complexity of the typical, fuzzy telecom market enabling telecom professionals and decision makers to understand, study and model competitors, products and strategies through a set of well-defined, easy-to-use business components. By utilizing a powerful billing engine and numerous intelligent data management components, CAS makes tariff optimization and relevant decision-making a simple, robust and fruitful business procedure.

CAS extends to an interactive decision support environment with a wide range of KPIs and statistical figures on the evolution of the customer, tariff suitability, tariff performance, market positioning, competitor’s strategy and more.

download brochure: CAS for telecoms

Cross-industry segment designer

A generic customer base analysis system enabling interactive target group definition, automated customer profiling, list management along with definition of advanced decisioning logic.

Flexible, Interactive environment

Segment Designer supports a configurable customer model, able to depict any customer representation of any depth and complexity. Telecommunication, Banking, Insurance or Retail customer models can be easily implemented upon installation, with configurable depth and aggregation levels, down to the transaction layer. Segment Designer is based on an interactive environment for target group definition, supporting both filtering and ‘target group design’ to support certain actions, for instance a new campaign.

Segment Designer contains embedded, random samplers, which automatically generate customer analysis sets upon each filtering modification, empowering the ‘as you click’ customer profile analysis. Profile analyzer satisfies the need for instant profiling of those customers meeting any (complex) criteria defined by the user.


Campaign Analytics & Optimization

Datamine’s campaign management platform stands as a unified environment for designing and executing complex campaigns, of several types, across a wide range of channels.

Campaign Data Analysis

Based on datamine’s Segment Designer as the rule definition toolkit for the formation of complex target groups and the interactive customer profiler, it sets new standards in target group design and analysis. Analyze your campaigns through extensive performance analysis & reporting – including OLAP models. Get insight on factors, demographics, resources or other attributes affecting campaign performance. Via suitable integration, CM extends existing Business Intelligence/ Customer Analytics infrastructure through systematic campaign and customer response data feeds.

Campaign Response Modeling

Improve your campaigns through systematic campaign response analysis & modeling: our data-mining models can unveil patterns explaining responses or even inspiring new contact & communication strategies.


Your (corporate) criterion

  • Ongoing, multichannel surveys
  • Automated Customer Satisfaction
  • Scores & metadata computation
  • Interactive questionnaire builder
  • Target group designer
  • Instant analytics & dynamic reporting
  • Integration with data warehouse
  • Cross-survey data analysis
  • Dashboards & KPIs for management


Market Intelligence; highlights

  • Dynamic pricing models
  • Advanced price analytics tools
  • Price history per product & retailer
  • Retailer positioning on product hierarchy
  • Alerting on market changes
  • Alerting on product availability
  • Loyalty extensions, online proposals
  • ‘Real-time’ hot-list monitoring
  • Specialized Reporting & Analysis


Solid, Insightful Answers

  • Study Competitor tariffs on actual data
  • Compare any set of tariffs
  • Score entire customer segments
  • Access rich tariff suitability metrics
  • Build business cases for candidate tariffs
  • Compare to market baselines
  • Integrate POS with Tariff Advisor
  • Set-up automatic recommendations
  • Monitor competition, via auto-feeds
  • Set-up alerting for market changes


Highlighted features

  • Automatic random sampling
  • Instant customer profiling
  • Configurable data model
  • Supports inclusion/ exclusion lists
  • Partial impact estimations on filters
  • Exports segment members
  • Interactive, high-performance
  • Cross industry customer model
  • Smooth integration via API layer


A powerful campaign

  • Interactive target group design
  • Dynamic rule manager
  • Campaign optimization
  • Specialized campaign dashboard
  • Embedded campaign analytics
  • Campaign analysis cube
  • Integration with data warehouse
  • Embedded customer viewer
  • Budgeting planning tool
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