SERVICES at a glance

A wide range of specialized services providing the basis for successful CRM, MIS and decision making: a robust repository for customer data and business performance measurement. Solutions include analytical CRM, data modeling & business intelligence, loyalty, campaign management and executive information systems

Cross-Industry Analytics

We apply classical statistical analysis, data mining and machine learning techniques enabling effective decision making, sophisticated CRM logic along with high-levels of automation.

Reporting, Analytics & Business Intelligence

Our Analytics team designs & implements large-scale reporting environments dealing with terabytes of complex data. We deliver high-performance, flexible reporting objects, providing instant answers to your business questions: interactive dashboards featuring powerful KPIs, dynamic reports & scorecards.

Customer Segmentation & Profiling

Our offering on customer segmentation is based on advanced, multidimensional analysis of your customer base. Part of the process is the data preparation/ modeling phase specifying the input for the final model building. The output of the process contains one or more insightful segmentation schemes, able to answer general corporate needs or support specific marketing activities.

Data Quality & Cleansing

Data quality is of critical importance, a pre-requisite for success in any analytics-related project. We provide services (such as data profiling against complex validation rules) enabling the identification, standardization and quantification of quality issues. As an advanced option, we derive those set of rules able to fix the data in your source/ legacy systems or prevent poor data entry/ input streams.

Intelligence for telecoms

Datamine offers specialized analytical solutions for the Telecommunication industry including Data warehousing, Business Intelligence, Analytical CRM, tariff optimization and SNA.

Churn prediction & management

We model churn focusing on a wide range of customer’s analytics on traffic patterns, tariff suitability, invoicing & payment history, complaining and customer satisfaction. Our goal is not only achieve a good predictive ability but also interpret churn and explain the underlying mechanisms.

Social Network Analysis

We offer advanced data modeling and analysis modules able to identify and quantify interactions among customers (through CDR pattern analysis) and further unveil structures within the customer base. ‘Cliques’ and ‘opinion leaders’ can be tracked and used for customer base dynamics as well as for ‘word of mouth’ strategies. SNA implemented through advanced multidimensional models extends the ‘static’ view of your customers towards ‘customer’s network value’.

Traffic pattern analysis

Our traffic processing engine generates on a monthly basis hundreds of key variables, ready to be used as OLAP dimensions or measures, data mining modeling input or simple cross tabulation reporting. Able to identify a range of customer typologies such as ‘service-sensitive’ versus ‘price sensitive’ subscribers.

Banking & Insurance Analytics

Our solutions range from typical data integration/ Data warehousing and Business Intelligence to specialized Campaign management and analytical implementations.

The Marketing Database

Datamine uses a specialized data model for the financial sector, consisting of hundreds of customer metrics, transaction statistics, patterns and metadata. Based on this model, we deliver interactive environment for dynamic reporting, customer browsing & analysis. This ‘marketing database’ can be used for behavioral modeling, advanced customer segmentation & analytical techniques for marketing, CRM and also for supporting decision-making processes.

Personalized offerings, On-line

Let your online customers experience highly personalized services and ‘accurate’ offerings: Our recommendation engine enables the definition of business rules and constraints which automatically generate highly personalized offerings to each of your customers - thus stimulating further usage or triggering purchase decisions (a product, a renewal, an offer).

Business Intelligence

Our offering for banking extends from data warehouse and integration solutions to Business Intelligence environments and decision support components. Ad-hoc solutions including data mining, statistical modeling, predictive models and specialized data quality services are also part of our offering.

The new-economy Retailer

Datamine’s general offering on customer analytics, business intelligence and predictive modeling, combined with CAS/R - Competition Analysis framework for Retailers - provides outstanding marketing options, from dynamic pricing to intelligent personalized offerings.

Analytics & dynamic pricing

Business analysis/ product managers can easily analyze the underlying markets and define robust product pricing strategies, supporting certain targets and short-term goals. Automated product price feeds can be integrated towards a centralized, historical pricing database for reporting, analytics and actionable decisions.

User experience modeling

Our feedback management framework enables both in-store and online customer interaction scenarios, capturing opinions, comments, complaints and ideas following each single commercial transaction. This establishes a continuous flow of customer experience metrics, automatically transformed to performance statistics and KPIs against dimensions such as time, POS, product hierarchy: the customer satisfaction dashboard.

Business Intelligence

A specialized reporting and analytical environment, tailored for the needs of the retail industry. Interactive, dynamic reporting on well-defined entities such as hierarchical product catalogues, POS structures, customers enriched with usage, buying and communications patterns.

Highlighted Services

  • Consulting on data architecture
  • Information systems & architecture
  • Software engineering
  • Data warehousing & ETL
  • Data cleansing & integration
  • Data mining & statistical modeling
  • Unstructured data processing
  • Business Intelligence systems
  • Analytics > Web integration

Highlighted Services

  • Customer base analysis
  • Market Analytics
  • Tariff optimization
  • Traffic pattern analysis
  • Churn prediction
  • Credit Scoring
  • Customer segmentation
  • Data mart design & ETL
  • Business Intelligence systems

Highlighted services

  • Consulting on Analytics & BI projects
  • Data marts for marketing purposes
  • Business Intelligence applications
  • Dynamic Reporting & Analytics
  • Customer analysis & segmentation
  • Analytical CRM & Loyalty
  • Campaign optimization & automation
  • Data integration & ETL
  • Integration with online channels

Highlighted services

  • Consulting on Personalization
  • Web traffic pattern analysis
  • Shopping basket analysis
  • Customer Analysis & Segmentation
  • Campaign optimization & automation
  • Credit Scoring automation
  • Marketing data mart design
  • Business Intelligence applications
  • Data integration & ETL
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